What we do

Choosing to adopt or (rescue) a dog can be the most rewarding, most daunting and most worrying thing anyone can do.

You may ask some or all of these questions at the various times during the different stages of the process which include:

  • Why did I get knocked back by a particular organisation? - I thought shelters were overflowing with dogs
  • Why can't I have the dog I chose on the website?
  • Why do I have to jump through all of these hoops? - I am doing them the favour after all.
  • Why is it taking so long?
  • What do I need for our dog?
  • Why isn't my dog behaving like it did at the shelter, foster home or in the videos sent from the country it came from?
  • Why is my dog hiding?
  • Why is my dog suffering stomach issues?
  • Why doesn't my dog like me, my family or visitors?
  • Why does my dog dislike, cars, cyclists, joggers or the vets?
  • Why wasn't I told about medical issues, behaviour problems or anything else that occurs that you were not expecting? 
  • Why hasn't my dog settled in?
  • Why does my dog still do....?
You may well have thought at some stage "Why are we doing this, wouldn't a puppy have been easier and cheaper?"

If you haven't you are the lucky ones and I and many of the others are extremely jealous.

Re-homing, rescuing, adopting or whatever you call it is a minefield of questions, emotions, regrets and most importantly the most rewarding thing you may ever do (after having children or finding the love of your life).

All of the above things are pretty normal when you bring rescue dog home, but unfortunately many of you are not made aware or prepared for them.

How can we help?
  • Advice on the above stages on this site.
  • We can be there for you during all the process from the falling in love with the picture until your dog is happy within your family.
  • We can advise and support throughout your selection process.
  • We can help you choose your new friend, getting your home ready to welcome them & planning for their transition into your world.
  • We also provide bespoke behaviour and training programmes which can be started at any stage of your journey to become a happy family pet.
For further information on our rescue to family pet consultations and programmes contact me to arrange your Free support call.