The Transition

The transition or settling in period is probably the most important time in any re-homing or adoption process once the dog has been released from the rescue organisation. If this period is not managed for some dogs particularly foreign rescues and long term shelter dogs this could be the make or break of your relationship before it has started. Even with dogs re-homed from other places, this is still very important as all adopted dogs will need time to settle in with you.

Are you experiencing any of these issues with your new dog?
  • They are shut down (withdrawn) or hyperactive.
  • Inappropriate toileting.
  • Preference to being indoors or outdoors.
  • Fear of people, things and situations.
  • They have eating or stomach issues.
  • Different behaviour to how they were in the re-homing centre or foster home.
  • They are wary of people noises or things.
The transition period can take days, weeks or months depending on the dog's personality, it's history and the support or initial matching of the dog and their new family by the re-homing organisation. These issues and behaviour may also get worse before it improves

The reasons for a managed transition are:
  • The re-homing organisations most of which want the best for the dogs in their care do not have the money or resources to behaviourally or medically assess all the dogs they place in new homes.
  • Some of these organisation are run by lovely well meaning members of the public in the UK and abroad who just want to save these dogs from death in a "Kill Shelter" or a long period in a rescue centre or foster home.
  • The dogs are often chosen and fallen in love with from photos or videos on the internet but the organisation does not choose to or have the resources to take into account the family situation.
  • The dog is more damaged or has medical issues that were not evident to re-homing organisation. Dogs are capable of hiding pain as if they show it, it makes them vulnerable,
  • You did not get the support and advice that you may have needed either due to the lack of resources available to the re-homing organisation.
If  you are not supported through this transition period, especially if you are a first time adopter,  the dog is often either returned to the the re-homing centre or moved on privately and each time this is done it may make the situation worse for the dog and the next family.

How we can help:
With our Rescue to Family Pet Transition Programme we advise and support you and your new dog during this vital period.
Each programme is bespoke so will be personal to you. It will help you to react to and treat your dog with the love and support needed during this scary and stressful period and to make the transition the beginning of your long term relationship and life together.

For further information on the Rescue to Family Pet Transition Programme please contact me to book a FREE initial support call