The Journey

When your new dog has joined your family you are keen to give them their "...happy ever after"

Unfortunately this is often much harder and can take much longer than you had hoped for especially if the selection process or the transition  required help. First time adopters especially can find this soul destroying if they are not prepared for the possible length of the process, but once they have got through it many become serial adopters.

Some of the issues that you may encounter during the weeks, months or even years of your journey may include:
  • Lack of training 
  • Hidden behaviour issues 
  • Unknown medical conditions
  • Fear of people, things and environmental situations
There are many reasons for this these could include:
  • You haven't been given the full information about your dog because their history is unknown which is especially the case with foreign rescues or their history is incomplete by omission.
  • The dog has medical issues that you were not made aware of and often neither was the re-homing organisation, this is sometimes due to the original owner being less than honest about why they are re-homing their dog.
  • The dog has behavioural issues that had not been identified and this may be due to the lack of money and or resources at the re-homing organisation.
  • The dog has been emotionally damaged which may not surface until they are more relaxed.
Most adopters go through some or all of the above and have no intention of giving up on their dog so manage the situation by :
  • Taking their dog out to remote locations sometimes in the middle of the night.
  • Accept that this is how it will be and get on with it.
  • Spending lots of money on taking the dog to secure dog parks.
  • Live in a home with permanent barriers such as door guards or gates.
  • Never inviting people to their home.
  • Never leaving the dog alone.
These are extreme but happen and may never be totally rectified as their dog was too badly damaged in the past.

How we can help:
With our "From Rescue to Family Pet" Programme we advise and support you and your new dog.
The programme is bespoke so will be personal to you. It will be initially a 3 month programme covering training & behavioural needs but also support with any medical programme supplied by your vet

For further information on the 2nd Chance Dog Happy Ever After Programme please contact me to book a Free  initial support call.