Hi Gill just wanted to share with you the excellent walk i had with Solo today. We went to the ranges...he met 5 dogs off lead before we went in and was a great boy (the owners were fab as well) had a little play then followed me into the ranges. Was off the lead nearly whole way round (apart from last 10 mins where mud was awful and he does love mud)...it was the type of walk I'd always imagined...you've given me the confidence to try it in the appropriate settings x"

Natasha & Solo

 We rescued a dog from #lasthoperescue best thing we did she came with huge anxiety about the world to the point where we could not walk her due to her fearful aggression of people and dogs thanks to Gill we can walk some days with no reaction some days a little we are a work in progress we are staying with Gill possibly for a year to get our big girl the helps we all need. But thanks to Gill we have come along way her methods are loving and allows dogs to make choices which suits or large girl well thank u Gill xxx"

Anna & Trixie

 Hi Gill, just to say a huge thank you, Usha's harness has proved to be a real game changer already! It is incredible how much she has responded to it! Onward and upward! See you in the New Year x"

Su & Usha

 You may remember us from over a year ago - Hudson and Anna. Just a quick note to say thank you for those initial sessions. Hudson lunged and barked at cars and you gave us some advice. Pleased to say that after a year he is miles better. We can do a walk up to Westbourne on quieter roads and a bit by the busy road. He ignores most cars and looks to me when there is a noisy one for a treat. He’s still scared of vans but he is even better with those. We’ve become a real partnership."

Anna & Hudson

 Attended the 2nd chance rescue dog talk tonight! It was very informative and valuable for anyone thinking of rescuing a dog from UK or abroad. Lots and lots of info and things to consider. Everyone planning to adopt a dog should attend this talk."

Janet Bentley & Lottie

 Brilliant talk by Gill this evening about 2nd chance dogs. A thought-provoking and insightful talk, plus some helpful tips for those considering re-homing a dog. Thank you so much - I really enjoyed it!"

Anna & Leo

 I have just done The Rehoming a Second Chance Dog with Gill. I would throughly recommend it to any one thinking of getting a rescue dog/ maybe in the process of..... or even already has one. Lots of great information to help you make this life changing decision. Thank you very much"


 Thank you Gill Buddy is such a lovely boy the best thing we ever did was get your help you gave me the confidence to to be in control which made me love him so much ❤️"

Emma & Buddy