Selection Process

Rescuing or adopting any dog can be a stressful, soul destroying and time consuming. Even though you hear everywhere that the shelters are over flowing with dogs, there are hundreds of dogs trying to escape "Kill Shelters" in other countries and pages of them listed on the internet.

There are many ways to re-home, adopt or rescue a dog such as :
  • UK national charities, shelters and centres.
  • Local independent organisations.
  • International rescue centres, individuals or organisations
  • Breed specific clubs or societies.
  • Private agreements
  • Through internet sales sites.
So why is it so difficult?
Many of the organisations need to shortlist the applicants for popular dogs or want to match you with a suitable dog so they don't have to be returned to them if things do not work out. To do this they need to have stringent selection processes .
These procedures may include:
  • Telephone or online questionnaires.
  • Personal interview
  • Home visits
You may find you are ruled out at different stages certain answers may go against their criteria, therefore you are rejected even before you get to see any dogs. This may appear unfair but they do need systems to ensure that the dog gets placed with a family that fulfils their criteria.

The procedures for adoption will vary dramatically depending on the organisation you have chosen to find your new family pet. The differences could be due to staffing levels, their financial situation and how legitimate the organisation is.

When rescuing from another country there are also other other issues as everything takes longer because of time differences, passport and transportation paperwork needing to be completed, quarantine requirements and vaccinations or medical treatment may be required before they even arrive in this country.

How we can help:
We are unable to speed up the process or sway the re-homing organisation but we can help with practicalities such as:
  • Assisting with the selection process by helping you match a dog with your family situation and lifestyle. In my opinion there is a suitable dog for most people's situations.
  • Advising on what you need for your new dog and how to make the transition period (the first few weeks) happy an as stress free as possible for you all.
  • Coming with you to the centre, shelter or foster home to start assessing the dog.
If you would like to book a FREE "From Rescue to Family Pet" support call to discuss your needs and concerns please contact me to book your initial support call.