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What we do

Choosing to adopt or (rescue) a dog can be the most rewarding, most daunting and most worrying thing anyone can do.

You may ask some or all of these questions at the various times during the different stages of the process which include:

  • Why did I get knocked back by a particular organisation? - I thought shelters were overflowing with dogs
  • Why can't I have the dog I chose on the website?
  • Why do I have to jump through all of these hoops? - I am doing them the favour after all.
  • Why is it taking so long?
  • What do I need for our dog?
  • Why isn't my dog behaving like it did at the shelter, foster home or in the videos sent from the country it came from?
  • Why is my dog hiding?
  • Why is my dog suffering stomach issues?
  • Why doesn't my dog like me, my family or visitors?
  • Why does my dog dislike, cars, cyclists, joggers or the vets?
  • Why wasn't I told about medical issues, behaviour problems or anything else that occurs that you were not expecting? 
  • Why hasn't my dog settled in?
  • Why does my dog still do....?
You may well have thought at some stage "Why are we doing this, wouldn't a puppy have been easier and cheaper?"

If you haven't you are the lucky ones and I and many of the others are extremely jealous.

Re-homing, rescuing, adopting or whatever you call it is a minefield of questions, emotions, regrets and most importantly the most rewarding thing you may ever do (after having children or finding the love of your life).

All of the above things are pretty normal when you bring rescue dog home, but unfortunately many of you are not made aware or prepared for them.

How can we help?
  • Advice on the above stages on this site.
  • We can be there for you during all the process from the falling in love with the picture until your dog is happy within your family.
  • We can advise and support throughout your selection process.
  • We can help you choose your new friend, getting your home ready to welcome them & planning for their transition into your world.
  • We also provide bespoke behaviour and training programmes which can be started at any stage of your journey to become a happy family pet.
For further information on our rescue to family pet consultations and programmes contact me to arrange your Free support call.

Selection Process

Rescuing or adopting any dog can be a stressful, soul destroying and time consuming. Even though you hear everywhere that the shelters are over flowing with dogs, there are hundreds of dogs trying to escape "Kill Shelters" in other countries and pages of them listed on the internet.

There are many ways to re-home, adopt or rescue a dog such as :
  • UK national charities, shelters and centres.
  • Local independent organisations.
  • International rescue centres, individuals or organisations
  • Breed specific clubs or societies.
  • Private agreements
  • Through internet sales sites.
So why is it so difficult?
Many of the organisations need to shortlist the applicants for popular dogs or want to match you with a suitable dog so they don't have to be returned to them if things do not work out. To do this they need to have stringent selection processes .
These procedures may include:
  • Telephone or online questionnaires.
  • Personal interview
  • Home visits
You may find you are ruled out at different stages certain answers may go against their criteria, therefore you are rejected even before you get to see any dogs. This may appear unfair but they do need systems to ensure that the dog gets placed with a family that fulfils their criteria.

The procedures for adoption will vary dramatically depending on the organisation you have chosen to find your new family pet. The differences could be due to staffing levels, their financial situation and how legitimate the organisation is.

When rescuing from another country there are also other other issues as everything takes longer because of time differences, passport and transportation paperwork needing to be completed, quarantine requirements and vaccinations or medical treatment may be required before they even arrive in this country.

How we can help:
We are unable to speed up the process or sway the re-homing organisation but we can help with practicalities such as:
  • Assisting with the selection process by helping you match a dog with your family situation and lifestyle. In my opinion there is a suitable dog for most people's situations.
  • Advising on what you need for your new dog and how to make the transition period (the first few weeks) happy an as stress free as possible for you all.
  • Coming with you to the centre, shelter or foster home to start assessing the dog.
If you would like to book a FREE "From Rescue to Family Pet" support call to discuss your needs and concerns please contact me to book your initial support call.

The Transition

The transition or settling in period is probably the most important time in any re-homing or adoption process once the dog has been released from the rescue organisation. If this period is not managed for some dogs particularly foreign rescues and long term shelter dogs this could be the make or break of your relationship before it has started. Even with dogs re-homed from other places, this is still very important as all adopted dogs will need time to settle in with you.

Are you experiencing any of these issues with your new dog?
  • They are shut down (withdrawn) or hyperactive.
  • Inappropriate toileting.
  • Preference to being indoors or outdoors.
  • Fear of people, things and situations.
  • They have eating or stomach issues.
  • Different behaviour to how they were in the re-homing centre or foster home.
  • They are wary of people noises or things.
The transition period can take days, weeks or months depending on the dog's personality, it's history and the support or initial matching of the dog and their new family by the re-homing organisation. These issues and behaviour may also get worse before it improves

The reasons for a managed transition are:
  • The re-homing organisations most of which want the best for the dogs in their care do not have the money or resources to behaviourally or medically assess all the dogs they place in new homes.
  • Some of these organisation are run by lovely well meaning members of the public in the UK and abroad who just want to save these dogs from death in a "Kill Shelter" or a long period in a rescue centre or foster home.
  • The dogs are often chosen and fallen in love with from photos or videos on the internet but the organisation does not choose to or have the resources to take into account the family situation.
  • The dog is more damaged or has medical issues that were not evident to re-homing organisation. Dogs are capable of hiding pain as if they show it, it makes them vulnerable,
  • You did not get the support and advice that you may have needed either due to the lack of resources available to the re-homing organisation.
If  you are not supported through this transition period, especially if you are a first time adopter,  the dog is often either returned to the the re-homing centre or moved on privately and each time this is done it may make the situation worse for the dog and the next family.

How we can help:
With our Rescue to Family Pet Transition Programme we advise and support you and your new dog during this vital period.
Each programme is bespoke so will be personal to you. It will help you to react to and treat your dog with the love and support needed during this scary and stressful period and to make the transition the beginning of your long term relationship and life together.

For further information on the Rescue to Family Pet Transition Programme please contact me to book a FREE initial support call

The Journey

When your new dog has joined your family you are keen to give them their "...happy ever after"

Unfortunately this is often much harder and can take much longer than you had hoped for especially if the selection process or the transition  required help. First time adopters especially can find this soul destroying if they are not prepared for the possible length of the process, but once they have got through it many become serial adopters.

Some of the issues that you may encounter during the weeks, months or even years of your journey may include:
  • Lack of training 
  • Hidden behaviour issues 
  • Unknown medical conditions
  • Fear of people, things and environmental situations
There are many reasons for this these could include:
  • You haven't been given the full information about your dog because their history is unknown which is especially the case with foreign rescues or their history is incomplete by omission.
  • The dog has medical issues that you were not made aware of and often neither was the re-homing organisation, this is sometimes due to the original owner being less than honest about why they are re-homing their dog.
  • The dog has behavioural issues that had not been identified and this may be due to the lack of money and or resources at the re-homing organisation.
  • The dog has been emotionally damaged which may not surface until they are more relaxed.
Most adopters go through some or all of the above and have no intention of giving up on their dog so manage the situation by :
  • Taking their dog out to remote locations sometimes in the middle of the night.
  • Accept that this is how it will be and get on with it.
  • Spending lots of money on taking the dog to secure dog parks.
  • Live in a home with permanent barriers such as door guards or gates.
  • Never inviting people to their home.
  • Never leaving the dog alone.
These are extreme but happen and may never be totally rectified as their dog was too badly damaged in the past.

How we can help:
With our "From Rescue to Family Pet" Programme we advise and support you and your new dog.
The programme is bespoke so will be personal to you. It will be initially a 3 month programme covering training & behavioural needs but also support with any medical programme supplied by your vet

For further information on the 2nd Chance Dog Happy Ever After Programme please contact me to book a Free  initial support call.

Calls, Programmes & Packages

Free Support Call

Rescuing a new family pet can be soul destroying and stressful and all you want to do is give a dog a new home. A Free initial support call is there to advise and support during the whole process.

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Initial Consultation & Assessment

For rescued or adopted dogs from the UK or abroad for advice, training and support from the day you sign for your new dog through to bringing them home, settling in and acclimatising them to their new life. This is required when your dog joins your family to assess their state of mind, to support and advise you and to ensure they are given best start on their journey as your family pet.

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Rescue to Family Pet Programmes

In every partnership there are ups and downs when building a relationship and with re-homed dogs this can be even more obvious as there is often a lack of medical, training or behavioural history. You have taken the big decision to re-home or adopt a rescue dog and you really want to make it work but are feeling "What have we done? Don't worry this is a normal reaction in most people's re-homing journey. This 3 month programme will support and advise on training, behaviour modification and your dogs emotional needs. There are two main stages in your relationship journey: The Transition - the first few days or weeks after you dog comes to live with you. The Journey - the next days, weeks or months that may be needed to help your dog become the family pet you dreamed of when you started this adventure.

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6 Month Rescue to Family Pet Package

Book a 3 month Rescue to Family Pet Programme and 3 month follow on programme together and get an extra 60 min consultation and the chance to pay over 3 months.

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Free Rescue to Family Pet Support Call (15 mins)

  • 15 minute initial support call for
  • Advice
  • Support

3-month Rescue to Family Pet Programme

  • Your bespoke programme includes:
  • 6 x 90 min sessions in-home or locally for
  • Training & behavioural assistance
  • Emotional support
  • E-mail, Messenger or phone support when required
  • Weekly Video call (approx. 30 mins)
  • An initial consultation & assessment is required before booking any programme

3-month Follow on Programme

  • A 3-month follow on programme
  • After completion of the "Rescue to Family Pet" programme
  • 6 x 60 min sessions in-home or locally for
  • E-mail, Messenger or phone support when required
  • Fortnightly video call (approx. 30 mins)
  • 10% off classes & workshops.
  • An initial consultation & assessment is required before booking any programme

6-month Rescue to Family Pet Programme - single payment

  • 3-month bespoke programme
  • Plus 3-month follow on for:
  • Training & behavioural assistance
  • Emotional support
  • Includes:
  • 6 x 90 min sessions in-home or locally for 3 months
  • 6 x 60 min sessions for following 3 months
  • E-mail, Messenger or phone support when required
  • Fortnightly Video/Phone call (30 mins)
  • 10% discount on future classes & workshops
  • An initial consultation & assessment is required before booking any programme

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About Gill

Gill Gallagher - The Story

The journey that brought me to where I am physically & professionally was a long and winding road as the Beatles said so here is a short version of the 50 odd years I have been in this world.

Gill Gallagher - The Trainer

Owner & Trainer

Gill is a qualified & accredited IMDT Instructor, a member of the APDT 01433 and a approved instructor for the Dog Training College whose passion is helping owners and their dogs work as a team and to enjoy a long and active life together using modern force free training methods.


 Hi Gill just wanted to share with you the excellent walk i had with Solo today. We went to the ranges...he met 5 dogs off lead before we went in and was a great boy (the owners were fab as well) had a little play then followed me into the ranges. Was off the lead nearly whole way round (apart from last 10 mins where mud was awful and he does love mud) was the type of walk I'd always've given me the confidence to try it in the appropriate settings x"

Natasha & Solo

 We rescued a dog from #lasthoperescue best thing we did she came with huge anxiety about the world to the point where we could not walk her due to her fearful aggression of people and dogs thanks to Gill we can walk some days with no reaction some days a little we are a work in progress we are staying with Gill possibly for a year to get our big girl the helps we all need. But thanks to Gill we have come along way her methods are loving and allows dogs to make choices which suits or large girl well thank u Gill xxx"

Anna & Trixie

 Hi Gill, just to say a huge thank you, Usha's harness has proved to be a real game changer already! It is incredible how much she has responded to it! Onward and upward! See you in the New Year x"

Su & Usha

 You may remember us from over a year ago - Hudson and Anna. Just a quick note to say thank you for those initial sessions. Hudson lunged and barked at cars and you gave us some advice. Pleased to say that after a year he is miles better. We can do a walk up to Westbourne on quieter roads and a bit by the busy road. He ignores most cars and looks to me when there is a noisy one for a treat. He’s still scared of vans but he is even better with those. We’ve become a real partnership."

Anna & Hudson

 Attended the 2nd chance rescue dog talk tonight! It was very informative and valuable for anyone thinking of rescuing a dog from UK or abroad. Lots and lots of info and things to consider. Everyone planning to adopt a dog should attend this talk."

Janet Bentley & Lottie

 Brilliant talk by Gill this evening about 2nd chance dogs. A thought-provoking and insightful talk, plus some helpful tips for those considering re-homing a dog. Thank you so much - I really enjoyed it!"

Anna & Leo

 I have just done The Rehoming a Second Chance Dog with Gill. I would throughly recommend it to any one thinking of getting a rescue dog/ maybe in the process of..... or even already has one. Lots of great information to help you make this life changing decision. Thank you very much"


 Thank you Gill Buddy is such a lovely boy the best thing we ever did was get your help you gave me the confidence to to be in control which made me love him so much ❤️"

Emma & Buddy

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